Ariane Konstantinovskaia, her portrait

Ariane Konstantinovskaia, a French artist of Russian origin. Student of the famous Decorative Art School of Paris (Ecole Nationale des Art Décoratif de Paris), where she learned some of the skills she use in her paintings. Since 1998, she teaches her skills all over the world from Canada to South-East Asia. Nowadays, she keeps travelling all over the world, and her paintings perfectly reflect the bridge between civilizations in our world. As an engaged artist, she shows how deep are the gap and similarities in our society. As a matter of fact, her paintings helps us to view our reality. Connected with spirituality of civilizations on the one hand, and in the other hand she is an active artist living activly. These contradictions are her painting, and her style is very appreciated by people who can have a portrait of themselves, with a world-artistic knowledge.

Take pleasure to discover her paintings in our website, and let us know for any personal demand for a specific painting. We will be happy to guide you.

Exhibitions :

Coming : Cannes Movie Festival 2014 – Sylvie Nissen Art Gallery, Carlton Hotel, Cannes

-2013/2014 : Laurent Boyrie Gallery, Paris 16.
-2013, May : Kay Kim, Seoul, South Korea
-2011 : Caroline Bober Gallery, Paris
-2010 : Couvrat Desvergnes Gallery, Quai Voltaire, Paris
-2009/2010 : Sylvie Nissen Art Gallery, Carlton Hotel Cannes, France
-2008/2010 : Kay Kim, Seoul, South Korea
-2007 : Crillon Hotel, Paris
-2005/2009 : Kou Concept Gallery, Hong-Kong, China
-2006 : Millionaire Faire, Cannes, France
-2006 : City of Saint-Quirin, France
-2006/2007 : Harvey Nichols, Hong-Kong, China
-2006/2007 : Galerie Carré des ARTS, Vallauris, France
-2005 : DINI Gallery , Verone, Italia
-2005 : ST’ART, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Strasbourg
-2004 : Hôtel de Ville de Paris, Rugby World Cup
-2004 : International Fine Art, Miami, USA
-2003 : Art Miami, USA
-2002 : ASIAN, Paris
-2002 : “Maison et objet”, Villepinte, Paris
-1996 : ART ASIA, Hong-Kong, China
-1993 : Instituto Superior de Arte, Cuba

Permanent Exhibitions :

Sylvie Nissen Art Gallery, Carlton Hotel, Cannes, France
Kay Kim, Seoul, South Korea : 2007/2010
L’Ile de la Tortue, Paris : 2001/2006
Laurent Boyrie Gallery, Paris : 2004/2007
Kou Concept Gallery, Hong-Kong, China : 2005/2009
Sharms, Phuket, Thaïlande : 2008

Charities :

2004 : Childhood and sharing, Australian embassy, Paris
2006 : Russian children (Enfants russes) ; St Quirin, France
2007 : Rav.Sitruc for the Jewish Community, Crillon Hotel, Paris (Nelson Mandela)
2009 : North Korean Children, Seoul ,South Korea
2010 : Haïti, Drouot Montaigne, Paris
2011 : SOS Cambodge, National circle of the armies (Cercle national des armées)
2013 : AUJF Charity Exhibition Catalogue