Portrait of Sylvie Nissen, The art of living Art

Sylvie Nissen, owner of the Sylvie Nissen gallery in the lobby of the Hotel Carlton Cannes name is synomous with Elegance, Memory, Art and History. In 1980 Nissen established her gallery in Paris and in the lobby of the Carlton Hotel Cannes. Festival participants over the years have browsed the window to admire and buy her eclectic collection of antique jewellery and precious stones, and the work of Rene Gruau whom she represents exclusively worldwide. Gruau the artist /illustrator famous for his work with Dior, his murals at the Lido, and the Moulin Rouge… was also inspired by Liz Taylor – whose eyes appear in many of his works – Princess Grace, Bettina, Lauren Bacall, Capucine… legendary figures who frequented the lounge in the Hotel Carlton also appear in his work. Born in Rimini and sharing a love of the film industry and the birthplace of the great director Fellini, Dolce Vita was immortalised in one of Gruau’s iconic posters.

In the art world Sylvie Nissen is in a class of her own in the 1990s she put into action one of her secret ambitions: to exhibit and promote artists with unclassifiable talent who were ‘singular’ by a certain lifestyle and elegance. In following this passion she has achieved the rare feat of runing a successful business – on an international scale

Sylvie Nissen graduated from the prestigious Ecole du Louvre in Paris, and continued her training in museography, qualifiying as a Museum Curator. Nissen relationships within this circle allows her to maintain valued contacts between her Gallery and the most prestigious museum exhibitions both in France and internationally.